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It occurs to me that this lj has been up and running for a long time… 
7th-Aug-2006 10:42 pm
It occurs to me that this lj has been up and running for a long time now and I've never actually introduced it lol. For people on the friends list now and in the future, and for anyone who's just curious, here's the 411.

This lj name is set up entirely to harvest public fics, pics, and other gundam wing goodies from its friends list in order to post them onto gundam_herald in a daily digest post.

There are no personal lj posts put up on this lj and I very rarely log in to the name itself so it's a bit of a blank space here really.

If you write gundam wing fiction, draw gundam wing art, or know someone who does and they're consistently being left off gundam_herald -- and would like to be added of course, that's a big point -- then feel free to drop a comment in this post and I'll have g_herald friend you. You don't need to friend back if you don't want to as I'm only looking for public posts and that way anything friends locked on your lj will remain just so.

I'll screen comments on this post too, for added privacy.

Thank you!

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